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Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chairs

The classic ergonomic office chairs – the Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.

The Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chairs are the standard by which ergonomic office chairs are measured. The Aeron is generally the first chair that comes to mind when and ergonomic office chairs are meantioned. It combines distinctive looks with ergonomic controls. The Aeron performs well. It adapts naturally and adjusts your body. It is probably the most copied ergonomic office chair on the market and has created a whole new product line of mesh office chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

An office chair for every size

The Aeron office chair comes in three sizes – make sure you get the on that best fits your body – it can make all the difference in the world. Often times people complain that their Aeron doesn't feel right – probably because it isn't the right size. These chairs are great for general office work, computer work or meeting chairs.

Ergonomic Chair Support

We always suggest buying the lumbar support. This is a crucial aspect to an ergonomic chair. The Aeron chairs help you to have a better posture and it gives you great lower back support.

High back Chair. All three chair sizes take the load off your back with a wide countoured back.

The armrests are soft and sloped at the front – taking a load off your arms.

The front edge of the chair slopes down also, which helps prevent your circulation being cut-off to your legs.

Comfortable Suspension

The suspension system evenly distributes weight over the seat and the back. The chair is form fitting and helps to minimize pressure in one place. The mesh material keeps you cool in your chair, since air can pass through it.

Tilt chair controls

The Kinemat tilt controls lets you easily lean back or forward. Another key office chair ergonomic control is the backrest and seat pan being adjustable – this helps support you however you sit in your chair. The Aeron chair also helps support you in whatever position you move to.

You love the looks of this chair or you hate it

Let's face it, you love it or you hate it. Most people consider the Aeron a bold statement in office chair design. It had a rocky start, when the Aeron chair was first introduced it was not imediately liked, because it was so different than anything else on the market. Today, the Aeron is an icon.

Innovative Work Stool

The Aeron work stool has the great ergonomic controls of the office chair, and it comes in two heights.

Foot support. The height-adjustable Fine-Tune footring moves up and down with the seat pan; once properly adjusted, it is always at the right position.

Chair Information from Herman Miller

Are you Buying an Aeron Chair?

Make sure you try before you buy Herman Miller Aeron Chairs. Most people seem to love the Aeron chairs, they're certainly an improvment over what most people have, however, there is a fraction of people that really don't seem to mesh with these office chairs.

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More info on the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chairs

Are you looking for more information on the Herman Miller Office Chairs.

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Herman Miller has other great products too.

Herman Miller seems to be best known for its Aeron chair. However, they make some other really cool office products. Including their ergonomic office chairs: Ambi chairs, Celle chairs, Equa 2 chairs, Ergon 3 chairs, Mirra Chairs, and Reaction Chairs.