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Herman Miller Equa 2 Ergonomic Office Chairs

Equa 2 chairs are solid ergonomic chairs.

The Equa 2 ergonomic office chair is a high-performance chair that Herman Miller says if for everyone. The Equa 2 is a sophisticated chair that is simple to use and it responds naturally to any person, no matter what activity or physical size.

Herman Miller Equa 2 Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Equa 2

Available for around $650

Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

The Herman Miller Equa 2 office Chair is a very adjustable, flexible chair that comes in three sizes. It is for general office work and formal or informal meetings.

A Flexible Shell Means Built in Ergonomics

The Equa 2 is responsive to you from the very start – due to it's design. The seat and back of the Equa 2 flex separately and as you move, the chair responds. It only takes a few simple adjustments on this chair to get a "just right" fit.The opening in the shell lets air circulate to your body and helps keep you cool.

Ergonomic Office Chair Comfort

One of the most important factors to ergonomic office chair support is the lumbar. On the Equa 2, the lumbar kit is available on all three chair sizes, so you can get a perfect fit for you body. The height adjustable, soft armrests are comfortable, and are sloped in the front. Another important ergonomic feature is the waterfall front edge – this helps your circulation into your legs.

Simple Tilting.

Who doesn't love leaning back in their office chair, the Equa 2 helps keep your feet flat on the floor as you learn back. The knee tilt helps your body move between postures – from upright to reclined.

Nice Looking Office Chair

The Equa 2 has some nice contours that are not only comfortable, but elegant.

Chair Information from Herman Miller

Need More Information on Herman Miller Equa 2 Ergonomic Office Chairs?

The Herman Miller Equa 2 ergonomic office chairs are great Ergonomic chairs.As always, we recommend that you try out the office chairs before you buy. There are many used and refurbished places to buy the Equa 2 ergonomic chairs.

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Buying an Equa 2 Office Chair?

Are you looking for more information on the Herman Miller Equa 2 Office Chairs. Remember to try out office chairs at a local store. You may find other office chairs that you like better, or find that the Equa 2 just doesn't fit right.

Buy Herman Miller Equa 2 office chairs here

Herman Miller Makes great Office Chairs

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