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Herman Miller Mirra Ergonomic Office Chairs

Eco friendly Mirra Office Chairs help you go green

The Herman Miller Mirra ergonomic office chairs are aesthetically attractive and very easy on the back. This chair has a nice price point for an ergonomic office chair. The office chair automatically shapes itself you and it only takes a few adjustments to get it just perfect. Everything comes together for this chair to make a strong ergonomic and stylish statement.

Herman Miller Mirra Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Mirra Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair Back Support

The TriFlex back on the Mirra Office chair offers great support to your back, it conforms to most any size, movements or even posture. The material is pliable, yet it retains its natural shape after use. This chair gives special attention to the lower back by giving it extra support and helping you maintain a good posture.

An Office Chair that Offers a Balanced Ride

The Mirra office chair creates natural movement and ergonomic pivot points with The Harmonic tilt. With the Mirra's advanced spring technology, people of all sizes feel equal resistance while moving in the chair.

Ergonomic Seat Comfort

The Mirra office chair comes with AireWeave suspension – this is an elastic type suspension seat that contours to your body, provides air circulation and distributes your weight. The front of the seat edge is always in the right position with FlexFront seat edge.

Nicely Styled Office Chair

The Mirra has an innovative look with a clean design and great functions. You have many color choices with this office chair, it will match any office. If you choose, the back can be upholstered – without foam.

Eco-Friendly Chair

The Mirra is build with sustainability in mind. The chair is easily taken apart so you can recycle it, and the content of recycled material is very high. The chair is 96% recyclable – not quite as high as the Herman Miller Celle office chair, but not bad.

The Mirra is a Green Chair

The Herman Miller Mirra ergonomic office chairs are eco-friendly. The Mirra is 96% recyclable, the back upholstery is 100% recyclable! The Mirra office chairs are earth friendly

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Herman Miller Mirra Ergonomic Office Chairs

Herman Miller Mirra Office Chairs. Try out Mirra office chairs, I'm sure you'll love them.

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