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The Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Humanscale Freedom Office Chair is a study in simplicity.

This office chair is smart. Humanscale has made a valiant attempt at creating simple ergonomic office chairs that gives a great deal of ergonomic support, with a minimal amount of manually adjustable controls. The idea is that, once the chair is fitted to you, you don't have to adjust it anymore. You can still have your freedom of movement within the office chair, but it doesn't restrict you, it supports you.

humanscale Freedom ergonomic chair

Metareview of the Humanscale Freedom

  • The Humanscale Freedom automatically adjusts to your body
  • Very comfortable Built to encourage spontaneous changes of position.
  • This could be one of the best purchases you can make for your health, however...
  • The deal-breaker for some users is the lack of a locking mechanism for the back of the seat and they never feel comfortable in the chair. Try this chair out, if the lack of a locking solution doesn't bother you and you can afford it, buy it! Humanscale didn't build a locking back on the chair on purpose, they didn't think you need it, but find a local store that carries it and try it out, then buy it online to save some money.

These functions come standard on the Humanscale Freedom Office Chairs

The Smart Reclining Office Chair

The Humanscale Freedom office chairs offer a smart reclining function that gives you just the right amount of support – however you move and no matter your size or weight.

Simplified adjustment tools. There is very little – to no adjustment controls needed. When you recline in this chair, it helps keep your posture correct and ergonomic – maintaning a constant eye-level for you (another ergonomic feature)

The Office Chair with a dual Pivot

The Freedom office chair adjusts to the postion of your spine – automatically and it gives you extra lumbar support, as you need it.

Smart Armrests

The armrests on the Freedom chair move together to give you just the right level of support. This keeps you body from being out of alignment. The armrests are easy to reposition without the need of a locking mechanism.

The armrests can be re-positioned to allow you to get closer to the desk and they stay in the same relative position while you recline. These armrests are super comfy, thanks to what Humanscale calls Technogel®.

Adjustable, Moveable Headrest

The Freedom headrest moves to just the right position, depending on how you move. As you recline, it moves into place, and moves out of the way as you sit up. The headrest itself is highly adjustable, to fit nearly any height, and it cradles the neck and head.

A Truly Comfortable Chair

The Humanscale Freedom chair fits almost everybody - this is not the case for all office chairs. In fact, Humanscale says that the seat height range will fit 90% of users and is size adjustable to fit over 95%. Also, the chairs cussions are fit to match your body countour and minimizes pressure points. Also, the chair is built with a modular system, so of you need to replace a part, it is easy to do.

Options for the Humanscale Freedom Office Chairs

  • Gel Seat Cushion - basically, a squishy, comfy seat that is supposed to be really good for all day sitting.
  • Advanced Armrests that pivot at the elbow and will unlock easily.
  • Your choice of a low or high range height to fit every user – or a very high range height.
  • Fire Proofing
  • Foot Ring
  • Wheel castors or non-rolling glides

Are you Buying a Freedom Chair?

These ergonomic office chairs are so simple to use. The whole idea is that you don't have to adjust the chair, it adjusts to you. However, try the chair out before you buy it. These chairs are amazing, but they are an investment, make sure it works for you.

More info on the Humanscale Liberty Office Chairs

Are you looking for more information on the Humanscale Freedom Office Chairs. The Humanscale website has lots of great information on it.

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