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The Steelcase Criterion Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Criterion is are all-day comfy ergonomic chairs.

The Steelcase Criterion Ergonomic Office Chairs are highly adjustable for long term comfort. These chairs will fit you in a variety of postures as you move around in your chair.

steelcase criterion ergonomic office chairs

The Steelcase Criterion Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office Chair Ergonomics

The Steelcase Criterion office chairs give you comfort all-day long. It will support you in every posture, weather you are leaning back or sitting forward. You really can adjust nearly everything with this chair - back tension, seat angle, seat height, back height, set depth.

What Makes a Good Ergonomic Chair?

This is a really important feature in an ergonomic chair, the ability to adjust it to fit your needs. The Criterion is a great chair, especially if you like to fiddle with the controls. If you're looking for a chair that has less controls, but is still ergonomic and will adjust to your body, check out the Humanscale Freedom or even the Steelcase Think Chair.

Adjustable Chair Arms

Again, the Criterion is highly adjustable in the arms, you can get a chair with pivot adjustabale arms, height adjustable arms, fixed arms or, you can go armless if you don't have a need.

Well Built Office Chairs

The Chriterion chair is built to last. It will clean up well with messes and it has been tested for up to 300lbs – the plus has been tested for up to 500lbs.

Criterion Chair or Stool

If you want to work at a standing height, the stool option is a great selection. The stool option will still give you the same support as the chair.

Need a Slightly larger Office Chair?

Then you need the Criterion Plus – offering a 20% larger seat and back, not to meantion the chair is stronger, offering more reinforcements. Read about the Criterion Plus at


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Criterion Office Chairs.

Try this chair out at a local store. This chair is very comfy for long term sitting (like most of us need at work). It is very customizable. Seriously, try this office chair out, but compare it to the Think and the Leap ergonomic office chairs.

More about the Steelcase Leap Chairs

For more information on Steelcase ergonomic office chairs, go to their site. They also have a great deal of information on ergonomics.

Buy Criterion Ergonomic Office Chairs here

Other Office Chairs by Steelcase.

Steelcase makes some very cool and comfy ergonomic office chairs. My top picks are the leap office chairs, the think office chairs and the criterion office chairs.