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The Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Office Chairs

The new standard in ergonomic office chairs?

The Leap ergonomic office chair was heavily researched by Steelcase. This is a top of the line ergonomic office chair. Steelcase learned a lot about how people sit before they made this chair. The leap chair moves with you as you move at your desk and supports you along the way. In fact, Steelcase has done studies that show the Leap chair will increase your poductivity at work. They have shown that if you are more comfortable, and less injury prone, you will work more efficiently, with an increase of 17.8% productivity. You can read more about their study in their downloadable pdf.

steelcase leap ergonomic office chairs

The Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Leap Office Chair Moves with Your Back

The Leap Office Chair will actually change it's shape to help support your back. This will help keep stress of of your lower back, which in turn keeps you relaxed and comfortable for longer periods of time.

Not too hot, Not too Cold

This chair has nice ventalation which incourages airflow to your back and keeps you comfortable.

Ergonomic Seat Controls

Everybody can't fit in the same seat size, so the Leap office chair has an adjustable seat depth that will fit nearly every body length.

Dial in Your Chairs firmness

With the Leap office chairs you can set the amount of softness or firmness in the lower back to help maintain a natural curve to your spine, depending on your needs.

Place this Chairs Arms Where You Need the Support

The armrests on this office chair can be placed whereever you need them. They move forward or back, telescope out and pivot around so that you get the ergonomic support you need.

Recline Your Chair in Style

While reclining in the Leap office chair, your eye level and reach stay about where they were, so you can stay in front of your work zone. This is of huge importance to keeping your body healthy while working because it promotes other positions of sitting.

Keeps Your Circulation Going

The front edge of the seat is flexible and it will not cutt-off the circulation to your legs as you lean forward or recline.

Just the Right Support from your Chair

The Leap chair gives you just the right amount of support in your upper back as you recline.

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The Steelcase Leap Chairs.

As always I recomend trying your office chair before you buy? This chair is at the top of my list for best ergonomic office chairs. Steelcase really did their homework with the leap office chairs. There are other office chairs on the market, but it would be tough to beat this ergonomic office chair.

More about the Steelcase Leap Chairs

Steelcase has lots of information on their Leap office chairs. They also have a great deal of information on ergonomics.

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Other Office Chairs by Steelcase.

Steelcase has a variety of office chairs for every need. My top picks are the leap office chairs, the think office chairs and the criterion office chairs.