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Ergonomic Office Chair Exercises

See our office chair exercise videos to keep healthy and active while still in your office chair.


Office Chair Exercises

This video has some good isometric exercises that can help keep the blood flowing and burn some calories while you're sitting in your chair.

This video focuses on stretching your muscles while you are sitting in your chair.

This video has some great excessive for sitting in a cubicle or office chair. Although, unless you have a private office, it might be difficult, since many of the exercises are done while standing and it might be awkward to do in front of your work mates.

ERgonomic Office Chairs

Keeping active while sitting all day can be difficult. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, don't wait until it is too late. We suggest looking into a good ergonomic office chair. Good ergonomic office chairs don't come cheap, but it's better thank getting a repetitive stress injury.

Keep Active

Use some of these exercises throughout the day, and remember to get up and walk around whenever you have the chance.